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Free BVD Testing

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 12:00

As you will probably have read in the farming press, DEFRA has made funding available for a new National BVD Campaign in England.  The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE)  is to provide funding for 1 to 1 on-farm advisory visits by a vet to work with keepers of breeding cattle to tackle the disease on their farms.

Every farm with breeding females and an SBI number is eligible for FREE BVD testing, including visit fees and time, to assess their current status.  Thereafter a bespoke plan to eradicate disease if present, or maintain a BVD Free status if not, will be provided.

BVD is probably the most signficant disease you can have on your farm.  Its effects are many and varied as it depresses the immune system.  If you vaccinate this does not necessarily mean you are without disease, so don't miss this opportunity to control BVD on your farm.

Calweton Vets have been tasked with enrolling and testing all our clients and we will do our best to fulfill this over the next two years.  Most of this can be worked around TB tests providing people sign up early.

If you would like to take part, you will need to join us for a pasty lunch for to complete an enrolment form and find out more.

The first meeting is on Wednesday 5th December.  Please contact the Farm Office on 01579 386132 to reserve your place.