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Animal Health and Welfare Pathway

Update March 2023

As you will likely be aware, the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway (AHWP) has now launched.  Following our Q&A session we thought you might find the following information useful.


Who is eligible?


Important update- insurance processing

We would like to inform all our clients that as of the 1st September 2022, all insurance claims processed via a claim form or electronic portal will be subject to an insurance administration fee.

The fees will be £5 for an indirect claim and £20 for a direct claim. This will be invoiced each time a claim is processed, including for each continuation claim for ongoing conditions. This will not affect your excess payments or your insurance policy. 


Avian Influenza August 2022

Avian influenza, or bird flu as it is commonly known, has recently raised its ugly head again in several places in the South West (SW) region this August and is presenting a significant problem in Mid Devon.

There are 3 outbreaks in the Cullompton/Tiverton area. It is important that all bird keepers follow the rules governing their birds as set out in the following link:


Lamb survival

Some helping hands to improve lamb survival!


Colostrum substitutes 

We are able to supply Immucol colostrum.  Unlike many colostrum replacers this contains immune complexes, so is head and shoulders above other products.  Current cost is £55+vat for 40 feeds (top up) or 20 (replacement feeds).  Whichever product you use, ensure you give 50ml per kg (200ml for a 4kg lamb) within the first 6 hours of life.


Navel dipping


Avian Influenza update April 2021

Poultry housing measures have now been lifted but the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone remains in place.
Ensure you follow the enhanced mandatory biosecurity guidance as the risk of avian influenza continues.

For more information visit GOV.​UK:


COVID - Update 11/02/2021

In line with current Government guidelines as to the control of coronavirus, we are continuing to adapt our working practices. 
For patients of all species we continue to request that clients do not enter the building unless this is unavoidable. 




Abortion in Ewes

This year we have been called on to do abortion investigations for a number of our flocks.

It is normal to experience a few problems right at the beginning and towards the end of lambing, and a few abortions are perhaps to be expected.  It is however vital to deal with any such losses with great caution, as the potential cause may be an infectious abortion, which puts the rest of the lambing flock at risk. Therefore the minimum action you must take is as follows:


Colostrum is Gold

We are frequently asked for a broad-spectrum medicine to protect calves and lambs from pneumonia, scour, joint ill and all the other pitfalls of early life.  The original and still the best, colostrum remains the answer to almost all ills.

February 1st marks the the start of this year's 'Colostrum is Gold' campaign.  Their website is full of useful information - click here to read more.


Free BVD Testing

As you will probably have read in the farming press, DEFRA has made funding available for a new National BVD Campaign in England.  The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE)  is to provide funding for 1 to 1 on-farm advisory visits by a vet to work with keepers of breeding cattle, to tackle the disease on their farms.