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Calweton Veterinary Group is a long-established farm practice with local knowledge.  We have branches in both Callington and St Columb.  All our farm vets are knowledgeable in all aspects of farm work, with each also having particular areas of interest and expertise.

We are well versed in the traditional role of providing emergency services quickly and efficiently.  We are also very aware that farm businesses require services above and beyond this, in order to survive and grow in challenging times.

Our services for increased profitability include:

  • Proactive, farm-relevant Health Planning for Beef, Dairy and Sheep
  • Farm data interpretation and advice
  • Active udder health management
  • Practical nutrition advice and production monitoring
  • Parasite control strategies - cost effective, proven results
  • Building evaluation and assistance with planning of new sheds
  • Competitively priced medicines

We recognise that herd and flock productivity relies heavily on good fertility, so offer

  • Dairy and beef fertility management, with portable battery-operated ultrasound scanners
  • Embryo Transfer for repeat breeder cows
  • Bull and ram Breeding Soundness Evaluations

We have our own mobile crush, which is available for the safe restraint of both cows and bulls, for foot-trimming and fertility testing.

Our farm service includes the provision of a ready supply of information for our clients, and – when not out on calls – our farm vets are happy to discuss any farm matters of concern with you.  Please note however that visits must always take priority.

In addition, we have a number of factsheets available. Just click on the links to find out more.

Our 'useful links' page provides links to websites we trust and are excellent sources of information.