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Pengelly Canine Hydrotherapy is located at our main premises in Callington.  The well-established facility works alongside local veterinary surgeons and with most insurance companies and has a proven track record. 

Its services are provided by Hannah, a Royal College registered veterinary nurse and a registered member of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association).  She will be pleased to discuss any requirements with you.

Hydrotherapy provides excellent non-weight-bearing, full range-of-motion exercise.

It has therefore long been recognised as an important complementary treatment. 

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for:

  • Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery
  • Reducing stiffness due to arthritis
  • Strengthening muscles in order to reduce discomfort due to hip dysplasia
  • Weight loss

Swimming in a controlled environment can substantially improve muscle tone and definition, therefore our services have also been found to be useful in achieving "Show Condition" for some clients’ dogs.

We have the benefit of being on site at Calweton Veterinary Centre and are therefore able to call on a qualified veterinary surgeon should the need arise. This gives us confidence that our invaluable service is also appropriate for the treatment of patients with complicated conditions such as epilepsy, heart murmurs and other medical conditions.

We also offer shower facilities on non-slip flooring for dogs wary of getting into the bath.

To find out more, or to book an appointment, call Hannah on 07815 790788 or 01579 383231.  We also have a Facebook page.

Further details regarding the benefits and uses of hydrotherapy can be found at