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Beef & Sheep


Whilst treatment of individual animals will always form an important part of our service, it is at the Flock level that veterinary intervention can make a difference to the profitability of your stock. Our services include

  • Worm egg counting and tailored advice for efficient and effective worm management
  • Ram fertility services:
    • Training in Ram MOTs
    • Full fertility assessment including semen evaluation
    • Ram selection guidance
    • Ram vasectomies and how to capitalise on their use
  • Interpretation of silage analysis to plan ewe nutrition and maximise production from forage
  • Ewe nutrition profiling and the role of body condition scoring
  • Mineral audits and trace element testing and advice
  • Targeted health planning focussing on YOUR production aims
  • Iceberg disease surveillance: learn about your flock from your cull ewes
  • Maximising lamb survival: colostrum intake assessment via bloods
  • Practical training courses

We enjoy our sheep work and have run a successful Flock Health Club since 2012.  For more information click here.

We are also proud to have a close association with an AHDB Strategic Farm and the Ram Compare Project.



In these economically challenging times, efficient production is more important than ever.  We offer pregnancy diagnosis with battery-operated mobile scanners, bull fertility testing and advice regarding proactive, preventive management of conditions of calves such as pneumonia and scour.  We also offer bespoke Health Planning.


We actively encourage strategic worming protocols for both beef and sheep and facilitate this by providing competitively priced in-house faecal egg counting (FEC) and interpretation of results.  For information regarding how to collect samples for FEC, click here.

The NADIS Parasite Forecast provides excellent information based on regional meteorological data.  Further information can be found at

We are of course also always on hand for all lambing and calving problems and caesareans.