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Safe and Responsible use of Medicines Course

In the World there is considerable pressure and awareness to reduce antibiotic use both on farm and in hospital due to the ever relenting fight against antibiotic resistance. Those of us involved in the production of high quality dairy products and meat are part of the 'One World' to reduce the use of antibiotics. We regularly run Safe and Responsible Use of Medicines courses to discuss not just reducing antibiotics but how to adopt alternative strategies to reduce the reliance on them. This course forms part of the requirements for the red tractor farm assurance scheme.

The Course covers; 

  • Safely administer veterinary medicines to animals under your care
  • Describe the difference between vaccines and treatments and the different legislative classes
  • Describe basic differences that exist between different classes of antibiotic and the need for veterinary guidance for their use
  • Describe the basic classes of anthelmintics and the need for veterinary or SQP guidance on their use
  • Understand the actions of an NSAID and when they should be used.
  • Store and maintain medicines on farm in accordance with legislation and farm assurance requirements.
  • Understand the responsibility of those administrating medicines to farm animals 


To find out when our next Safe and Responsible use of Medicines course is please call Hattie on 01637 889231 or look at our upcoming events