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Calweton Veterinary Group has provided first opinion and emergency care for alpacas and llamas across the South West for many years.

Our experienced alpaca vets are active members of the British Veterinary Camelid Society (BVCS) and partake in continued professional development to remain current with the evolving knowledge of these species.

Our services include:

  • Health plans for owners of all experience levels, including established breeding herds
  • In house and referral lab faecal egg counts and advice
  • In house and referral lab blood biochemistry and haematology profiling
  • Routine husbandry procedures: nail clipping, vaccination and ADE injections etc.
  • Castration
  • Teeth trimming
  • Veterinary certification for insurance and/or export
  • Birthing assistance and caesarean
  • Blood collection and plasma transfusion in cria
  • Hospitalisation facilities for cria and adult camelids undergoing treatment
  • Telephone support

As vets working in the South West of England, we are all too familiar with the impact of Tuberculosis (TB). Camelids do unfortunately get a bad press, however we are passionate about the biosecurity and testing of camelids to minimise the risks of this disease. The testing of camelids is currently under negotiation.  Many of our clients are using the Enferplex test as part of the voluntary TB Camelid Health Scheme, through SureFarm. In addition we can offer the skin test and alternative blood tests.

Calweton Vet Group cares for the camelid community and always feels privileged when asked to share our knowledge.