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Barren Ewe Visits 2018-19

Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 11:15

More than 4 BARREN EWES in a flock of 100, or 24 in 600?

Don’t let them take their secrets with them: book your Barren Ewe Visit.  Running from 1st November until the end of the 2018-19 lambing season.

A barren ewe rate higher than 4% at scanning suggests a problem that warrants investigation...

Do you know what your status is for: Toxoplasmosis, Resistant gut roundworms, Liver fluke, Trace elements & Iodine, Maedi-Visna, Johne’s, Jaagsiekte/OPA & Border Disease?

£80 includes a visit and sufficient vet time* to permit sampling for the various possible causes.  We are working alongside Axiom veterinary lab to carefully and cost-sensitively select tests that are tailored to your farm and flock history.

A high barren rate may be a result of infectious abortion, or may indicate a more widespread issue that limits production and profitability within the flock. 

Take the opportunity to find out the cause of your barren ewes and build an action plan with us to prevent production losses in the future.

*Expected time on farm up to 45 minutes; additional time will be charged at usual hourly rate. Charge does not include lab work, P&P and sampling materials costs.