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Half Price Visits: Area Days




As part of our commitment to providing a cost-sensitive service for you, we provide half price visits to certain zones on our Area Days.  We are able to achieve this by maximising the fuel and time efficiency of our vets.

The area days are allocated as follows:

Monday               – Launceston/Bodmin and surrounding

Tuesday               – Tavistock/Yelverton and surrounding

Wednesday        – Callington and surrounding

Thursday             – Liskeard/Looe and surrounding

Area day visits must be booked by 2pm the day before the visit. Clients in Monday’s Launceston/Bodmin area are required to book by 2pm on the preceding Friday.

Specific times for visits cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking; however, we try to accommodate your request for a morning or afternoon visit where possible.  We are also unable to accommodate requests for specific vets.  If you would like to make an appointment with a specific vet this is not a problem, however a normal visit fee will be charged.

The type of work carried out on area days is generally routine (vaccinations, dentals etc), or first consultation on medical cases. As a result, diagnostic investigation of cases will be booked as separate visits in order to permit sufficient time to carry out the procedures required.