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Alabama Rot

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Alabama rot is a serious disease affecting dogs in the UK. The exact cause is currently unknown. The disease damages blood vessels in the skin and kidney and can ultimately be fatal to dogs.

The first sign of your dog suffering from Alabama rot is often development of skin ulcers or blisters; most commonly on the legs and paws. Signs of kidney failure can then develop which are shown by inappetence, vomiting and lethargy. If your dog shows any of these signs then contact your vet immediately! There are many other causes of these symptoms too.

There have been some confirmed cases in the South West within the last few months. We haven't had any cases ourselves at Calweton Veterinary Group so far. There has been a link with dogs that have walked in muddy, wooded areas. It is therefore important to wash any mud from your pet with water after going for a walk.


For more information, please see the Blue Cross website: