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COVID-19 Update: PETS

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We are keeping up to date with changes to regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may hear in the press and on social media that the British Veterinary Association has published guidelines suggesting some relaxation in which patients veterinary practices can see. Our governing body, the RCVS, is keen that we are still protecting human health by limiting unnecessary journeys: thus keeping you, our clients, and our staff safe.

This is not a case of “business as usual”. We are, however, aware that as time moves on, what was not initially an emergency or urgent becomes an issue. With this in mind we will be considering the following procedures on a case by case basis in addition to our current triage and emergency service, supplemented by telephone and video consults. We would ask you to respect our veterinary surgeons’ professional opinion in the decision on whether or not to undertake a procedure. We are well placed to assess the risks and advantages of each veterinary visit and will advise you on the safest course of action for yourselves and your pet. We are employing strict social distancing protocols and barrier nursing techniques to protect the health and safety of clients, staff and patients alike.

In addition to emergency and urgent patients, we are considering the following:

* Second vaccinations of puppies or kittens that had a first vaccination prior to lockdown.
* Rabbit vaccinations against VHD and myxomatosis if rabbits are unable to be kept indoors.
* Neutering of male/female cats or rabbits that are unable to be kept separate in a household to prevent unwanted pregnancies or litters.

Please email if you think that this applies to your pet. We will phone you back, perform a triage, and decide whether these are essential or not. We will also check that you are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

We will await government guidance on lockdown regulations before extending our service to booster vaccinations for dogs and cats, basing our decisions to do so on our professional judgement. The World Veterinary Small Animal Association has advised there is some leeway in adult dog and cat vaccinations which should see us through the current lockdown period.

We know vaccination is important and will be vaccinating older pets as soon as we can, but currently our primary concern is for human health. Please be aware that this is not the way we wish to be conducting our veterinary care but are required to by necessity in the face of a global pandemic.

We appreciate that this is a confusing and frightening time, and we want to reassure you that we are here for your pets. We take our responsibility to human health very seriously. Current predictions are that Cornwall will have peak infections mid May. We do not want to start any unnecessary journeys that could put more strain on the NHS.

We have been very busy in the last few days with many phone consultations and appointments. Please bear with us, we are running with a very small number of staff. For any questions, please call 01579 383231 or email