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Lamb survival

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Some helping hands to improve lamb survival!


Colostrum substitutes 

We are able to supply Immucol colostrum.  Unlike many colostrum replacers this contains immune complexes, so is head and shoulders above other products.  Current cost is £55+vat for 40 feeds (top up) or 20 (replacement feeds).  Whichever product you use, ensure you give 50ml per kg (200ml for a 4kg lamb) within the first 6 hours of life.


Navel dipping

We recommend strong (10%) iodine with 2.5% surgical spirit to aid drying.  We can supply this if required. This is best applied as a dip rather than a spray, as this provides better coverage.  Re-dip after 24 hours if the navel is not completely dry at this stage.


Ewe Metabolic Profiling

Good nutritional status is vital as it affects colostrum quality, mothering ability and lamb vigour. 
Blood sampling ewes 3-4 weeks prelambing  can help determine ewes' nutritional status, allowing feeding adjustments to be made if necessary.  

  • 10 ewes (5x twins/triplets and 5x singles, or 5x thinner and 5x fatter if not scanning) are sampled.  Fewer ewes can be sampled in smaller flocks 
  • Lab fees for 10 ewe profiles (BHB, Albumin, Urea) are £99+vat, including sampling materials and P&P.  Norbook are kindly subsidising this cost to just £67+vat for a limited period.  Calcium and magnesium can be included for an additional charge 
  • Visit plus 20 minutes time is £90+vat (additional time will be charged if further work such as trough space assessment & body condition scoring is required) 
  • Ewes should be sampled at least 4 hours after the last concentrate feed


Colostrum intake monitoring

Lambs with good colostrum are very resistant to disease. 
Blood samples can be taken to check successful transfer of immunity (colostrum intake).

  • 10 lambs aged between 2 and 7 days old are sampled 
  • In-house lab fees are £51+vat including sampling materials 
  • Visit plus 20 minutes time is £90+vat