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Lifetime Care Club Promotions

Lifetime Care Club Monthly Promotions : November

Keep your pets safe with our reflective coats, harnesses and reflective collar tags - with an extra 10% discount off to all LCC members throughout November, it's easy to keep them safe and visible to all.



Avian Flu April 2017

Requirements to house poultry in high risk areas have been revised. 

All poultry in England are to be allowed outside from Thursday 13 April, following updated evidence on the risk posed by wild birds. 

For more information via the DEFRA website click here.


Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Since December 2016 a number of cases of the highly pathogenic (i.e. serious) strain of Avian Influenza H5N8 have been confirmed in the UK.  It mainly affects birds, but can affect humans and other animals. It is spread by direct contact, or by infected body fluids and faeces.  

In birds it causes symptoms including a swollen head, loss of appetite and birds going off lay.  Breathing difficulties are common and include coughing, sneezing and rattling.  Some species, for example ducks and geese, show minimal disease; however in other birds the disease is often fatal.


Christmas opening times

For our Christmas opening times, please see the 'Contact' drop-down menu and select the branch you are interested in.

Alternatively click these links for Callington, Looe or Saltash opening times.


Calf Jackets

It's that time of year again.... Mild temperatures during the day and dropping during the night will predispose calves to pneumonia. Calf jackets are a great way to minimise the impact of this whilst promoting growth, as energy from the feed can go into this rather than keeping warm. Check out these cosy calves on Sarah's routine this morning. Calf jackets in stock at Calweton vets!